Making your own bath bombs and soaps is not just for kids! One of the great things about being an adult, is you can do what you want, when you want!

Our Insatiabubble parties are not really parties at all - they are suitable for any gathering. They provide an opportunity to make any two items from the list below with friends, in a realxed & informal environment.

We are flexible and can adapt to any requests you may have (for example you may just want to do a mammoth bath bomb evening by doubling up on the ingredients). These are suitable for up to 8 people and are frequently booked by groups of Mums from schools, brides & bridesmaids (to make wedding favours), work colleagues or by families particularly in the run up to Christmas (usually to make table decorations and stocking fillers). 

You can choose from any two of the options listed below.

  • Bath bombs (either spherical or cupcake)
  • Novelty shaped soaps (we have a variety of moulds including flowers, stars, Christmas trees, Lego blocks & Star Wars amongst others).
  • Plain bar soaps
  • Bar soaps with embedded erasers (we carry a variety for the them to choose from)
  • Smelly jelly soap tubs
  • Foaming sugar scrubs
  • Coconut oil sugar scrubs

You should allow 2 hours for an Insatiabubble party. All dry ingredients will be pre-weighed to eliminate the possibility of error & we will bring a variety of colours and fragrances for both soaps and bath bombs so that you can personalise everything you make. To book an Insatiabubble party, please get in touch with us to discuss availabilty.