There are several ingredients you will need to buy in order to complete your course. The course booklet details everything you need and also has a list of suppliers where you will find various ingredients.

Here, we provide several links to some of the ingredients on Amazon, however please do note you can source ingredients in many places if you have the time to hunt around.

Do check you course booklet to work out the total amount of each ingredient you need to complete the course. If you have a friend who is completing the course, we would suggest buying together to minimise any wastage.

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Melt & Pour soap base

This is a key ingredient for the soap weeks. You can choose clear (which will give you a translucent soap) or white (which will give you a solid pastel soap). These are usually sold in 1kg blocks so you only need to order one, so choose whichever end result you would prefer.

Bicarbonate of Soda

This is one of the two key ingredients in bath bombs. Even if you decide to never make a bath bomb again, you can use it for cleaning or cooking! You will need food grade quality.

Citric Acid

Citric Acid is the other key ingredient in bath bombs. The type you choose will affect the finish on your bath bombs. A course grain citric acid will give a rough finish - a fine powder will give you a smooth finish. Either are fine as they both work well in the water.

You should buy Anhydrous Citric Acid which is water free. Any good listing/shop will make this clear.

Water based colours

You can either buy individually or as a set. One small set will easily cover the whole course - if you are on a tight budget, just buy one colour.

Remember, you should never use food dye in bath bombs as the formulation is intended for baking and may cause stains in your bath or on the skin.

Silicone moulds

There are so many silicone moulds you can use. Each will give you a different shape & weight of soap (or bath bomb). There are no hard or fast rules about what to use, so be creative. We have included a selection of our favourites - you do not need all of them. Just choose one :) Remember, silicone moulds are fantastic for baking too - so try and choose one you will use in the kitchen as well!

Coconut oil

There are many variants of coconut oil. You do not need anything expensive, the scrub will still be good even if you opt for cheaper variations. You can also buy this in supermarkets, it is usually located with cooking oils. Again, any left over at the end of the course can be used for cooking.


We have not included links to buy this, as it is far more cost effective to buy in the supermarket for the quantity you will need. You will find it in the home baking aisle!

Menthol Crystals

You only need a tiny amount for the shower steamers, so be careful when ordering that you check your course booklet! We have included a product link for small amounts - if you think you will continue to make more after you have finished the course, feel free to buy a larger size.

Essential Oils/ Fragrance Oils

You can get thesein starter packs which will give you a variety of fragrances. A cheaper option is to just choose one fragrance for the whole course. Something like Lemongrass or Lavender would work well in every recipe. Alwats make sure you check the size you are ordering!

You also need to make sure that the oil is ‘skin-safe’. If you choose to buy synthetic fragrance oil - ensure it is suitable to use on the skin. Many companies promote fragrance oils which are cheaper than normal, but they are suitable only for diffusers or wax melts.

Rubbing Alcohol

Make sure you get 99% rubbing alcohol. The 1% remaining refers to water content, so if you buy say 70% RA, it will have 30% water which will activate your bath bombs. Again, the sizes available are quite large and you will not need it all. You may be able to source a smaller size from a computer shop (as it is used for cleaning IT equipment). If you have any leftover, it is a great cleaner around the home, particulalry for screens etc.