4 reasons why our DofE skills course could be right for you...

If you are embarking on either your Bronze or Silver DofE award, then you will need to give careful consideration to the choices you make. Learning a new skill should not only be about educating yourself, it should be fun as well. If you are still procrastinating, consider the following;

1. Soakster is an Approved Activity Provider - we have full accreditation from the DofE and are authorised not only to deliver content but to write assessors reports too. This means that although you should always update your local DofE leader with details of what you are doing for each section, there is no need to seek their approval for our course. The DofE have already done this - so you can get started straight away.

2. The photo opportunities are fantastic! For your DofE portfolio you need to provide photographs which will be incorporated into your portfolio. Our course provides an array of photographic opportunities - preparing, making, moulding, using and of course the final products. How colourful they are is up to you, the limit is your imagination.

3. Our course is unique - we can guarantee you will not find anything quite like it, anywhere else. We like to think that almost everyone who completes this course, will never have made their own soap or a multi coloured bath bomb and yet they are products that we all use regularly. Your DofE award should be a personal journey of adventure and education. Our course fits the bill perfectly. 

4. Once you start, you won't want to stop - a little learning is a dangerous thing. Once you have a few products under your belt, your mind will start thinking about what else you can make and who you are going to gift it to. The likelihood is you won't just complete the course and stop. The possibilities are endless.

Full details of our DofE Skills course are available here

If you have any questions before signing up, please get in touch - we are more than happy to answer them.