8 Artisan soaps with a twist

We offer a range of 8 artisan soaps with vibrant colours and fragrance combinations to tease the senses. Our Original Soakster Slick! range is made using the cold process method, which means there is a minimum curing period of 6 weeks from the date they are made. Each variation is made in a loaf mould, cut into bars at 2 days, then trimmed and stamped at around 7 days.

Please note that every loaf will have a different pour pattern and each cut bar of soap will be different too. If there is one guarantee, it is that no two bars will look the same.

Original Soakster Slick! comes in two different sizes, cut from two different moulds. The stubby size bars are approximately 50-60g and the full size bars are approx. 110 - 120g. These soaps are weighed at the end of their 6 week cure, when they are packaged - however the curing process can continue after that period so it is possible you may see a very slight reduction in the weight afterwards.