Adorabubble parties are aimed at children aged between 9 and 12 years and are limited to a maximum of 8 participants. You will be given a choice of what is made from the list below & all dry ingredients will be pre-weighed to eliminate the possibility of error (which is remarkably common & everyone wants perfect bath bombs to take home!).

Some children in this age group do not always have the dexterity or strength to mould the bath bombs into spheres, so on the day they can choose to make them into cupcakes instead if they want. We have a number of different shaped spherical moulds, so the children can choose from making a few large bombs to several miniature ones. The ingredient volumes are the same for each participant so it really is up to them to choose how they want to use them.

We have a variety of colours and fragrances for both soaps and bath bombs - and a sample fragrance list available. To book an Adorabubble party, please get in touch with us to discuss availabilty.


Choice of any two from

  • Bath bombs (either spherical or cupcake)
  • Novelty shaped soaps (we have a variety of moulds including flowers, stars, Christmas trees, Lego blocks & Star Wars amongst others).
  • Plain bar soaps
  • Bar soaps with embedded erasers (we carry a variety for the them to choose from)
  • Smelly jelly soap (tubs of jelly soap - kids absolutley adore these!